Pin It Tuesday: Personality

I've recently become very interested in learning about the different personality tests out there; mainly the Myers-Briggs® and the Enneagram. If you've never taken those tests to find out what you are, I highly suggest it! It's not only informative, but it’s super fun to read more about yourself all while saying, "That's so me!" … Continue reading Pin It Tuesday: Personality

Lies That Drive Me Crazy

I get it. You hate Trump. He is the worst person on the face of this planet, right? You are a Christian or probably just consider yourself a good person, but deep down you wanted him to die from COVID. He's a racist! He's homophobic! He didn't condemn white supremacy! He thinks the virus is … Continue reading Lies That Drive Me Crazy

Unicorns are real. Want to know how I know?

Because I am a unicorn. Do you want proof? Well, let's observe my physical features: the amazing combination of ice and fire, a.k.a. blue eyes and red hair. Did you know around 17% of all people have blue eyes? However, when you combine blue eyes with less than 2% of the Earth's population having red hair, … Continue reading Unicorns are real. Want to know how I know?